Family Band Music Jam

When the children were younger, we would go to the park, run around, have a picnic, then break out the instruments for some musical family fun in the sun! Family jams are the best, and the kids love them.

Maya’s Quick Tips for Family Music Jams

Left to Right: Antonio on vihuela, Diego on guitarron, Miguel on guitar, Maya with maracas, Carlito on guitar.

If you want to have your own family jam you can make it really simple by using what you have around the house, like a closed salt shaker, or a little jar of sprinkles as an instrument. You could even go to your local music shop to buy some maracas, claves, bongos, or other fun instruments that are easy to use and start with!

Another tip is you don’t even have to own any instruments to jam because you already carry an instrument with you wherever you go. You can use your voice to sing! So go make your own family jam and sing, dance, play an instrument, or even just listen to the music together. Above all, just have lots of fun and enjoy!
– Maya, 10